PBMs Work At the Center of Health and Savings
Pharmacy benefit companies are working every day on behalf of employers and health plans to secure savings on prescription drugs, enable better health outcomes for patients, and support access to quality prescription drug coverage for more than 275 million patients.
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Learn How PBMs Are Working for Patients
"If I didn’t have my medication, I probably wouldn’t be here… I’m grateful that my PBM fights to keep the costs of medication down and makes my medication affordable."

- Theresa, Patient living with high blood pressure
"Pharmacy benefit managers give patients like me a huge level of comfort by ensuring that our drugs are both accessible and affordable. With PBMs, I know that my medication is going to be affordable and cost the same amount every time I’m at the pharmacy."

– Santiago, Patient living with anxiety disorder
"My medications cost about $350/month but with the pharmacy benefit manager negotiating on my behalf, I pay $5… without my medication, I wouldn’t have much quality of life at all. My medication allows me to pursue my career and be who I really am inside."

– Brittany, Patient and mental health counselor
Hear from PBM Experts Working for Patients

Michelle Gourdine, MD

Senior Vice President & Chief Medical Officer, CVS Caremark

Dr. Michelle Gourdine on PBMs supporting doctors in healthcare decision-making.

Bethanie Stein, PharmD

Pharmacy President, Humana

Bethanie Stein on the influence of PBMs in large-scale patient solutions.

Harold Carter, PharmD

SVP of Pharma Trade Relations, Express Scripts

Harold Carter on what PBM employees do outside of direct negotiation.
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